The Book of Fairfax

Coming out in the spring of 2020


About the Book

The Book of Fairax is Dark Ages Britain historic fantasy where the grim authenticity of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle meets the intimate lyricism of This Side of Paradise.


This is the tale John Doe tells Anna Reilly when she holds him to his promise of full disclosure. Its events take place in the 7th Century, but in the chronology of Over the Hills of Green the story belongs after Part I and Part II of the novel.

The Story 

As Roman Christianity and the Old Ways clash in the 7th Century Britain, a young Angle warrior struggles to reconcile his humanity with his mystical origins. Woven into the fabric of a greater historical and an even greater metaphysical reality, one eccentric boy’s coming of age story unfolds as an intensely personal, yet universally human quest for love, faith and belonging.

Illustrations by Nigel Hendrickson