A completely inexplicable character walked into the room. At first glance, he looked like a skinny teenage boy no taller than Anna, but there was something ancient about his smooth face.

That which in the features of the others was beautiful, in his face seemed exaggerated, as if every part was taken to the extreme. His eyes were too big. His nose and mouth too small. His large, elongated ears stuck out, and his skin seemed stretched too tightly over the delicate bones. A long white mane fell over his shoulders, cascading down his back, the greenish tips of his locks blending with the metallic tunic. There was a bird-like quality in the way he cocked his head and moved his fragile body.

The man bowed, and a little white fluffy animal hiding in his feathery shoulder pad almost fell off his narrow shoulder. Others returned the bow with reverence.

‘No, this is the real leader,’ thought Anna.