Meet the characters: Yaret

She heard steps approaching, accompanied with rhythmic tinkling, then a tip of a shiny metallic boot appeared in front of her, and the other. She looked up and saw a pair of long legs belonging to a Counsilor towering above her.

He turned his face down to her, staring her in the eyes. His eyes were gray, very pale and clear, but without the iridescent glow. His waist-long straight hair wasn’t of any fantastic color either, just blonde. With his dark eyebrows and eyelashes, luxurious hair and striking face, he would have been quite beautiful if not for an expression of a simultaneous grin and frown, which made his face sour. His pointed ears poked through the hair a bit, but didn’t look as beastly as the long elven ears of the others. It was like the alien features were diluted in him: unmistakably, he was a human, and he was a man.

His clothes, however, were completely otherworldly: underneath a carelessly half-fastened coat made from a nearly transparent material glimmered a full body armor, like a spikey scuba-diving suit, as if he’d stepped into the hall from aboard a spaceship and just threw on a robe to cover up for the sake of civility. He wore elbow-long gloves covered with an elaborate mechanical knot-work and incrusted with several crystal spheres size of a golf ball.

Looking at a man geared up like this, she fully expected to see a long sword dangling at his hip, but he didn’t need to carry a weapon to look intimidating. Anna had no doubt it was Lord Yaret himself, the man whose melodic voice rang with malicious laughter, the kind of man who often smiles, but rarely with joy.