Author of Author is the new format of book talk launched by The Write Review World studio. Here is my conversation with G. Clair, the author of Dreaming in a Time of Dragons.

Recently, I had the good fortune of being interviewed by the amazingly gracious Annie Horsky McDonnell for her famous The Write Review book club. I was nervous, but in the end we had tons of fun.

Another glimpse into Anna’s inner world – an excerpt from Other The Hills Of Green upcoming audiobook, beautifully narrated Dan Boud.

Lose yourself in the mesmerizing voice of the amazing Dan Boud as he narrates an excerpt from Over The Hills Of Green. From the upcoming audiobook. 

The video vignettes below are from a long time ago, when I played with dolls all the time. They are glimpses of the prehistory that is only implied in Yaret’s story – perhaps, one day I’ll write a book about it.

Prehistory: The Book of Fairfax

What humans call abduction, elves call rescue.

The Saga of Yarbonél and Ælfled, Act I: What Yarbonél Saw

Northumbria, 650 AD. Fourteen-year-old Ælfled has fallen ill with dry fever that has already decimated the House of Fairfax. On the way to see a Christian healer, she is thrown off the horse. One moment the maiden lies motionless in the snow, next she is gone, as if the elves took her in a blink of an eye. Oh, my lord Yarbonél, why couldn’t you just walk by?

The Saga of Yarbonél and Ælfled, Act II: What Llewelys Saw
Having witnessed the last heartbeat of a dying human maiden, Yarbonél Dé Fal was moved with compassion. He brought her to the Alvan dwelling, a vessel sailing the planes of space and time. The healing arts of the Alva, the sacred knowledge of Moiré, brought her back to life. Of all the Alva, Llewelys Dé Moiré from the city of healers is the last to refuse help to a creature in need. But even Llewelys fears for his soul-friend, for he already feels the silver strings reaching from Yarbonél to the young human. The bond which is forming may become costly, because for a human and an Alva to come together they must meet in the middle, and while it’s in human nature to evolve, there is only so much devolving an Alva can survive.

The Saga of Yarbonél and Ælfled, Act III: What Ælfled Saw

She breathed her last and fell asleep on the deathbed of cold snow, never to wake up. But wake up she did in an alien world between worlds, healed by the magical arts of the ælfkind.

A mighty ætheling welcomed her into his glorious halls of crystal and silver. He comforted her, and she feared him not. He was brighter than the Sun, and she loved him. He took her as his wife by the custom of his people. He showed her many wonders. In bliss, years flew by like one joyous summer day.

Her only sorrow was that she failed to bear her beloved husband a son. There was no price she wouldn’t pay for that, but alas! it is not natural for the earthly women to conceive by the heavenly men, because for one to ascend the other must descend. So, in his infinite love, her beloved husband gave up his grace so that their child may live. The price was his life and hers.

When time came for her to give birth, she returned to the human world carrying only what she had when she left, save for the son under her heart. Only three days have passed in her homeland, but a lifetime in the Otherworld, and what a lifetime it was.